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@echo off
REM start a remote capture session using the provided live capture
REM tcp port as defined in UWM
REM adapt path to Wireshark and NetCat (nc.exe) binaries
REM NetCat for Windows can be found, e.g. at:
if -%1-==-- echo live capture tcp port not provided, please start as "capture-from-socket.bat <tcp-live-capture-port>" & exit /b
set NETCAT_PATH="C:\Users\Sebastian\Downloads\ncat"
set WIRESHARK_PATH="C:\Program Files\Wireshark\Wireshark.exe"
set VIRL_HOST=""
set PCAP_PORT="%1"
start cmd /C "echo reading live capture from port %1, close Wireshark, to stop ... & %NETCAT_PATH% %VIRL_HOST% %PCAP_PORT% | %WIRESHARK_PATH% -k -i -"