Vorlage für Automatisiertes Testen mit der Programmiersprache C
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# Notes:
# Sample project C code is not presently written to produce a release artifact.
# As such, release build options are disabled.
# This sample, therefore, only demonstrates running a collection of unit tests.
:use_exceptions: FALSE
:use_test_preprocessor: TRUE
:use_auxiliary_dependencies: TRUE
:build_root: target
# :release_build: TRUE
:test_file_prefix: test_
:which_ceedling: gem
:ceedling_version: 0.31.1
- test:all
# :use_assembly: TRUE
# :output: MyApp.out
# :use_assembly: FALSE
:executable: .out
- +:src/test/c/**
- -:src/test/c/support
- src/main/c/**
- src/test/c/support
:libraries: []
# in order to add common defines:
# 1) remove the trailing [] from the :common: section
# 2) add entries to the :common: section (e.g. :test: has TEST defined)
:common: &common_defines []
- *common_defines
- *common_defines
:mock_prefix: mock_
:when_no_prototypes: :warn
:enforce_strict_ordering: TRUE
- :ignore
- :callback
uint8: HEX8
uint16: HEX16
uint32: UINT32
int8: INT8
bool: UINT8
# Add -gcov to the plugins list to make sure of the gcov plugin
# You will need to have gcov and gcovr both installed to make it work.
# For more information on these options, see docs in plugins/gcov
- HtmlDetailed
:html_medium_threshold: 75
:html_high_threshold: 90
# Ceedling defaults to using gcc for compiling, linking, etc.
# As [:tools] is blank, gcc will be used (so long as it's in your system path)
# See documentation to configure a given toolchain for use
# These libraries are automatically injected into the build process. Those specified as
# common will be used in all types of builds. Otherwise, libraries can be injected in just
# tests or releases. These options are MERGED with the options in supplemental yaml files.
:placement: :end
:flag: "-l${1}"
:path_flag: "-L ${1}"
:system: [] # for example, you might list 'm' to grab the math library
:test: []
:release: []
- "#{Ceedling.load_path}"
- stdout_pretty_tests_report
- module_generator